Heritage Room



These are the positions at VFWS. If you would like to apply to be school staff, please contact the activity director (vfws.staff@gmail.com)!


The students are the 12 cadets who are participating as student pilots, and competitors in the tournament.

Aggressors are military pilots, experienced combat sim pilots, or former VFWS students who have earned the Top Gun award who will be helping cadets learn fighter tactics, and providing an experienced adversary for them to practice with.





Instructors are actual military combat aviators, experienced combat flight sim pilots, simulation industry experts, or other guest speakers who will be teaching cadets the information and tactics they need to succeed at the activity.

Support Staff
The support staff are cadets who have graduated from the activity in past years, who have agreed to come back and help run the administrative and logistical details of the activity. These duties are mostly still and video photography, and possibly tech support and website updating.



TAC officers are senior members who will serve as chaperones, and transportation assistants. They will probably get some time on the sim as well. We understand that many senior members can't block out an entire week for activities like this. We do not require TAC Officers to spend the whole week at VFWS. If you want to spend just 1 or 2 days, we'll be happy to have your help.


Activity Director
The activity director hosts the activity, and coordinates the staff and logistical details for VFWS. If you are interested in becoming part of making VFWS happen long term, contact the activity director!